Main goal of E-library is to provide technical resources like E-book, Research paper, Software and other technical information to the student. Because students are need that the technical information related to their subject are available on their computers or other devices.

For their requirement our department provides the facility to the student that they can easily find technical information on their computer systems.

We provide E-book, Research Paper, Software and Projects of previous years on our college intranet. Student and Faculties can easily access this information on college intranet on the IP:- \\

E-library have e-book in different category such that 3rd year subject’s e-book are in directory Third Year, 4th year are in Fourth Year, and many other books needed for project work are also included in other folders.

E-library has 40-50 major categories and each of them have 5-10 subjects’ e-book. We have nearly 2000 books, 500 Papers, and much software useful to the student.

We update the e-library in every month when we have new books, papers and latest version of software or new software then we add this in our e-library database. Our vision is to provide latest technical materials to the student and build a complete technical information centre for computer science student and after that we work for other stream subject also include in it.

If students and faculties have some books or technical material which is not available in E-library then please contact e-library coordinator Mr.Madhusudan Patidar.

We have the following subjects and other then these we create categories in e-library:-

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Data Mining


Aspect Oriented Programming

Project And Risk Management

Wireless Network

Object Oriented Analysis Design


Unix and Linux

Real Time Embedded System

Digital Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Computing



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